7 liquors you should be drinking and 7 you shouldn’t

It’s no secret that there are so many different kinds of liquor that it can be tough to know what you’re getting — even after you’ve spent way too much time stressing over the decision. If you’re heading to the liquor store to pick up something for a party, how do you know you’re going to be greeted with an earnest smile instead of an eye-roll? Sometimes, all you can do is make a guess (based on what, the pretty label?) and hope for the best. That, or grab for the same thing you pick up every single time. Fortunately, there are some sure-fire wins that’ll definitely get your desired response with no need to stick to the tried-and-true favorites. There are some giant misses, too, and whatever you do, you don’t want to show up with those. Read on for the liquors you should definitely be drinking, and the ones you should ban from your liquor cabinet.

1/ Do drink: Old Fitzgerald

There’s a lot to be said for pouring yourself a little something after a long day, and if you’re looking for something that won’t make you cringe when you see the price tag, check out Old Fitzgerald. It was originally made in the 1870s as a sort of exclusive, premium bourbon, and it actually survived prohibition by getting a medicinal distilling permit. The recipe has changed since then, but it still has a way of making you feel a whole lot better.

Pick up a bottle of Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond, and you’ll get a decent bottle for bottom-shelf prices. There’s a little bit of honey flavor, a little vanilla, and a lot of oak. There’s none of the harshness that you might expect from something in that price range, either, and that all makes this one a great choice to keep on a shelf in your kitchen.

Don’t bother drinking: Malort; click next