The 7 Types Of Barking! How Many Types Of Barking Does Your Dog Do?

Bark, Bark, Bark …. What Is He Trying To Say?:


It’s what they do. If yours doesn’t, you might want to check their pulse.

When the mailman arrives, if your dog barks, he is attempting to alert the family to an intruder.  If your dog whines when you first leave him alone, he is expressing concern or discontentment with your absence. But there is more about what a dog’s bark means, we could learn.  Decoding the significance of your dog’s barking boils down to three factors: frequency, duration, and pitch.


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Alert or alarm barking tends to be the simplest type of bark.  The bark is the dog attempting to inform the family about the arrival of a stranger or some other, unexpected stimuli that are unfamiliar. The intensity can be heard by you.  It starts suddenly, starting with a fast high-pitched bark then continuing into rapid-fire woof woofing. Typically, the barking will stop after the stimuli is gone (i.e., the mailman walks away) or your dog has been assured that the stranger is no threat to them.

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