What happens to your body when you stop wearing high heels

We get it. Nothing looks sexier or completes the perfect outfit better than a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes. They’re glamorous, they’re eye-catching, and they give you those three inches of height that your gene pool shorted you, allowing you to stand tall and confident. Plus they seem to automatically make your walk more feminine, and click in that oh-so-satisfying way every time you take a step.

But unfortunately for high heel lovers everywhere, it turns out that they might not be so great for you. In fact, they can cause a variety of different problems, from discomfort and muscle fatigue to ankle function changes to serious knee problems, according to research. Yikes! Still stoked to wear your pumps out tonight?

Fortunately, the damage caused by wearing high heels isn’t always permanent. So if you’ve decided to ditch the stilettos for good, get ready to reap the benefits of the flat-footed life. Here’s what happens to your body when you stop wearing high heels.

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